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Peoria Medical Society
The Peoria Medical Society sponsors membership meetings on subjects of a timely nature, generally regarding social-economic subjects. These meetings provide an opportunity for physicians to exchange ideas and plan for the future.

The membership meets ordinarily on the third Tuesday of each month, September-April. These are dinner meetings. All Society members are encouraged to attend. There is never a charge for spouses of members, Residents, or students. From these meetings come recommendations for Society policy and action. All meetings are sponsored completely by the Peoria Medical Society unless otherwise indicated.

Active membership in the Peoria Medical Society offers you the opportunity of playing a role in shaping the future of medicine in our community! Your knowledge, experience and involvement are vital to our accomplishments as a group and as a part of the medical profession.

Excellent health coverage policies at competitive rates including major medical insurance for members and their staffs available. Call the Peoria Medical Society for information.
  • Mediation 
 Assistance with minor misunderstandings and communication difficulties with patients is offered by the Peoria Medical Society's Mediation Committee.
  • ISMS Advocacy
As a member of organized medicine, you will receive many benefits from the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS). Chartered by ISMS, Peoria Medical Society works closely with the staff at ISMS in both Chicago and Springfield.
  • Practice Management Information
The Peoria Medical Society staff is available to assist with Practice Management issues ranging from opening a new practice, operating a practice and retiring.
  • Publications
The Peoria Medical Society publishes a newsletter several times per year. Please call the office with questions
  • Referral Services
The Peoria Medical Society provides referrals from its membership to callers seeking physicians by medical specialties and geographical areas requested.