Mission Statement

 The purpose of the Peoria Medical Society is to promote the health and general welfare of the public; to respect and protect the rights and interests of the medical profession; to encourage the development and dissemination of knowledge as it pertains to all the branches of the art and science of medicine ; to unite the physicians of Peoria County, IL; to cultivate a true fraternal spirit among physicians; and to participate in organized medicine on both the state and national levels  

Patient Advocates

The Peoria Medical Society supports the patient-physician relationship with on-going practice support, payer reimbursement assistance, medical records assistance,  and a physician referral service. Click here for physician lists

Physician Advocates

The Peoria Medical Society supports our physicians with educational opportunities, social programs and family oriented activities. The Peoria Medical Board actively seeks to assist physicians in high quality patient care

Healthcare Legislative Advocates

The Peoria Medical Society provides contact information for local and state legislative leaders so that patients and physicians can contact the leaders regarding important legislative healthcare issues.


Q. Can the Peoria Medical Society help me find my medical records?

A. If the physician was a member of the Peoria Medical Society at the time of departure from the area, the society may very well have information on where the medical records are located. Remember that medical records are not kept indefinitely.  Current laws dictate how long medical records must be kept and the Peoria Medical Society staff is happy to assist with questions regarding this. 

Q. Does the Peoria Medical Society have any patient records or health information? 

A. No, the society does not have access to protected health information. Please contact your physician to access to your health record. 

Q. Can the Peoria Medical Society help me find a new physician? 

A. Yes, the society has a list of physician members which includes the different hospital affiliations. 

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